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Portable Generators

All our portable and site generators benefit from the very latest high performance technology which guarantees the stability of both voltage and frequency.

Precision build quality enables the production of high quality electricity.


Our Wind generators are used all over the world.

Mid kent Generator install Wind Generator through out the uk

All in one inverters


Mid Kent Generators also have solutions suitable for industrial Applications


Need Uniteruptable power

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Green Energy

Solar and Wind Generators

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Mid Kent Generators can install and maintain all your Green energy Systems

Mid Kent Generators offer reliable and effective power solutions for the green energy market. Having operated within the green sector of the power industry for over 15 years we are abe to tailor systems to suit any requirement, whether it be wind power or solar energy.

The use of wind and solar generators is an effective and reliable means of reducing your energy costs within your property or buissness.

Our systems are definitely one of the most competitive around and come with expertise and peace of mind that can only comes from Mid Kent Generators.

If you require any information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help.


Mid Kent Generator Wind Turbines

350w to 1000kw Wind Generators


All wind generators at Mid Kent Generators come complete with inverter, charger, tower, and a 2 year warranty these Generators are very competeivly priced. Our wind generators are self furling and benifit from over speed protection as standard.

Did you Know

We can also offer Grid tied Wind Generators


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