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Portable Generators

All our portable and site generators benefit from the very latest high performance technology which guarantees the stability of both voltage and frequency.

Precision build quality enables the production of high quality electricity.



Ideal for when low noise is a must



This Generator is 52 dba@ 7 meters





Petrol and Diesel Generator Hire

We now bring our wealth of experience to the Hire and sales market.

Our generators and equipment are designed for many needs and applications where portable, base load and emergency power is needed.

Before you hire one of our generators; we would like to ensure that you understand that the performance of a generator depends on specific criteria.

We will need to know:

”  What is the total power requirement in watts?
”  Will this power be in demand all of the time, i.e. continuous or intermittent
”  How often will the power be required, daily, weekly or specific times during any one-day or week?
”  Where will the generator be used, on site, as a standby unit in case of mains failure, powering a small office or canteen area?

”  What types of supply will the generator be required to give, does it need to be capable of running sensitive equipment, fluorescent lighting or electric motors.
”  Does it need to be silent, how silent?

These are all very important questions when considering buying or hiring a generator if you are going to get the best from it, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed with the performance of any of our products.

At Mid Kent Generators we understand these needs only too well and are able to tailor Generators to a customer’s specific requirements ensuring complete satisfaction and seamless reliable power supply.

All our generators are PD Inspected; load tested and are CE approved.

Utilising our capable EVENT ENERGY division, we can also supply power using specifically designed super silent equipment for entertainment and outside events such as weddings, music festivals, concerts etc. in fact, anywhere and at anytime.

We can supply our Generators manned or unmanned depending on your safety requirements.

NB: There are many H & S issues associated with personnel, employees and customers, suddenly being left without electricity.We also supply standby Generators as you might expect.

Planning, installation, commissioning and servicing can also be arranged

Interruption to business and the inconvenience to customers can be avoided!

As you are probably painfully aware Insurances rarely cover “all” of the eventualities, nor do they compensate for much more than loss of goods unless a high premium is charged,

We will supply, install and maintain the security you need to operate your business no matter what happens to your power supply.

And then if you still need insurance, the premiums dramatically reduced.

No matter what your needs, we at Mid Kent Generators are confident that we can supply.

All our installations are guaranteed when maintained by us.

This can be assured within a tailored maintenance contract with renewal of equipment without quibble if the unlikely situation arises where a major problem should occur.






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